Environment – minimise impact on the environment

We will minimise the impact our operations have on the environment and operate within acceptable environmental limits. We will measure our environmental impact by calculating our CO2 emissions as kilograms per £100k of revenue and maintain our record of no environmental incidents occurring on our projects.

In 2015/16 kilograms of CO2 per £100k of revenue were 5,858 down from 6016kg the previous year.

We’ve not had any environmental incidents on our construction sites.

Examples of good practice include:

Utilising the experts

One of our projects involved the disposal of a significant amount of muck away. The clay based material had been classified as non-hazardous material due to the high levels of fluoride. The team employed a geotechnical company to fully analyse the material and use their expertise and knowledge of the CL:aire protocol. The team managed to advertise and dispose free of charge of the material, to a local site that was looking for a clay based material for a flood alleviation project. Through a significant amount of testing and hard work, the relevant approvals were achieved and not only did the material not go to landfill, it was reused and offered a significant saving for both the customer and us.

Free timber for locals
We have undertaken several schemes that have involved tree felling. Our teams logged the timber from the trees and offered them to be local community for free. This was a great way to start those projects and not only allowed a good rapport to build with the local communities but meant that the timber did not have to be disposed of from site.

To continue to minimise our impact on the environment going forward we will be capturing and analysing site energy-usage data, improving our environmental management procedures and providing enhanced environmental training for employees.

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