Customers – exceed our customers’ expectations

We will understand what success looks like for our customers so that we can better meet their expectations during project delivery. We will define ‘success factors’ through an enhanced procedure that will be incorporated into our IMS and improve our existing customer satisfaction score.

In 2015/16 the average of all our customer satisfaction survey scores was 8 out of 10. Over the 12 month period we successfully increased the number of surveys being carried out.

This year the company entered NCE’s Top 100. This list is NCE’s assessment of the top civil engineering firms based on the cultures, competencies and skill sets that they believe matter most: technical excellence; pushing technology; being diverse and great and safe places to work; developing future-fit skills; and playing a role in tackling global issues.

For 2016/17 we are introducing a new customer satisfaction procedure that will align with our customers own project objectives and measure our success at achieving those.

Supply chain – strong relationships with our suppliers

We will strengthen relationships with our supply chain and subcontractors as we recognise their importance in maintaining the quality of project delivery for our customers. We will establish a performance target and seek feedback on the issues that matter most to them.

During the past 12 months Raymond Brown Construction has been listed among the Top 10 Contractors to Work With (£50m-£250m turnover) in the Construction Enquirer Awards. These awards are based on a public vote by employees, suppliers and subcontractors.

Our Supply Chain KPI is new for 2016/17. We have identified a target of 80% of suppliers and subcontractors who would be keen to work with us again, based on surveys to be undertaken in the current 12 month period.

We will be introducing enhancements to our subcontractor vendor assessment process and online supply chain database.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Scores
NCE Top 100 Ranked Company
Construction Enquirer Top 10