Safety, health and well-being – no injuries, no harm to health

We will protect the safety, health and well-being of our people and all those who work on our sites. We will benchmark our performance against CECA’s target Accident Incident Rate (AIR) and continually improve our achievements at the annual RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards.

At 192 in 2015/16, our AIR remains consistently lower than the CECA target of 290.

This year we received RoSPA’s Presidents Award, for an outstanding performance in health and safety over a ten year period.

We will continue to pursue ever-higher standards in occupational health and safety. For 2016/17 we are particularly focusing on improving procedures and further enhancing training with the aim of minimising service strikes.

And we are seeking to communicate better with our workforce and subcontractors on workplace health and safety and general well-being, including the launch of a health screening campaign.

People – great place to work

We will make Raymond Brown Construction a great place to work, so that our people are committed to the success of the business and motivated to give of their best. We will create this environment based on a mix of culture, technology and surroundings. We will assess our success via an annual satisfaction survey and maintain a staff turnover level below the industry standard.

In 2015/16, 84% of our employees were satisfied with their job against our target of 85%.

Over the past 12 months we have made improvements to the standard of accommodation on our sites and have invested in upgrading our office environments in Ringwood and Bridgend. To improve communication we are now holding a regular annual social and communications event in every division to bring all employees up to date with the progress of the divisional businesses against established targets and provide the opportunity to spend time with colleagues in a social environment.

In the period we commenced a new charity initiative, choosing to work with Bridges to Prosperity. This project saw us team up with consulting engineer, Tony Gee & Partners, and for us both to send five volunteer employees to Kigohe in Rwanda where over two weeks in August-September 2016 they built a 30m suspension bridge that would bring enormous benefit to the local community. Their project is explained in detail on this website on our Great Place to Work page.

During the past 12 months Raymond Brown Construction has been listed among the Top 10 Contractors to Work With (£50m-£250m turnover) in the Construction Enquirer Awards. These awards are based on a public vote by employees, suppliers and subcontractors. And the company also entered NCE’s Top 100. The list is NCE’s assessment of the top civil engineering firms based on the cultures, competencies and skill sets that they believe matter most: technical excellence; pushing technology; being diverse and great and safe places to work; developing future-fit skills; and playing a role in tackling global issues.

Our action plan for 2016/17 includes developing and implementing a diversity and fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR) action plan and redeveloping our Management Development Training Programme.

Communities – enhance our reputation within communities

We will support our reputation in the communities we live and work in through better engagement and making sure we give back to society. We will benchmark our performance against the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s industry average scores and monitor our achievements through the scheme’s site audit reports and annual awards.

In 2015/16 our average Considerate Constructors Scheme score was 36.7, compared to the industry average of 35.6.

Three projects in two of our divisions won National Considerate Constructors Scheme Site Awards in 2016.

In the South East, our Command of the Oceans public realm project for the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust won a Bronze Award. Our Southern Division won two awards: a Bronze for the Prince Philip Yacht Haven at Hamble built for the Royal Southern Yacht Club, and a Silver Award for Geo Speciality Chemicals’ Contact Lens Material Manufacturing Facility at Hythe.

To support our objectives in 2016/17 we have introduced an employer supported volunteering policy and are seeking to raise our profile in the communities local to our permanent offices through increased engagement with and sponsorship of suitable causes.

In Ringwood, Hampshire, where we have our head office and southern division, for example, we are the main sponsor of Ellingham & Ringwood Rugby Football Club, we are a Gold sponsor of the annual carnival, and we sponsor the main town centre roundabout.

Over the course of this year, our employees will be undertaking training to help understand how to better fulfil our Considerate Constructors Scheme responsibilities at our site locations.

RoSPA President's Award
Empployee Satisfaction Scores
Mission accomplished
Construction Enquirer Top 10
NCE Top 100 Ranked Company
CCS Audit Scores
2016 CCS Silver
Silver National Award
CCS Awards 2016 Bronze