Emergency Response

Our emergency service includes a dedicated line into our office telephone system and the escalation of calls to emergency call out personnel, working on a roster system. These personnel include members of staff with local knowledge and experience who have access to resources and personnel who can react to any emergency.

We are also able to provide access to extensive resources for works of an urgent nature. This includes:

Plant from within Raymond Brown Construction
• Over 30 items of primary plant owned and operated by the company
• 360 degree excavators ranging from 1.5 tonne up to 65 tonnes and various dozers from BTD6 Drott to Cat D8
• Dumpers ranging from 5 tonne to 25 tonnes. (45 tonne dumpers recently operated on lease back arrangement for a particular project)
• Rollers in all sizes from small twin drum to large self propelled and towed rollers
• Various compressors, fuel bowsers, potable water bowsers, generator pack and other sundries

And relationships with other Raymond Brown companies providing access to:

Lorry fleet owned by Raymond Brown Aggregates
• 40 tipper lorries in the 16 and 20 tonne range
• 10 tipper lorries fitted with kerbside grabs

Recycling facilities owned by Raymond Brown Waste Solutions
• Three waste recycling facilities and six inert tipping sites

Materials from Raymond Brown Aggregates
• Supplies of sand/aggregates and in particular engineering fills and recycled aggregates such as type 1
• Supplies of recycled Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate (IBAA)
• Ready Mix concrete plant, near Southampton

Depending on the requirements, we may also be able to secure access to emergency supplies through our supply chain. In particular we will secure access for ready mixed concrete, black top and surfacing products.