Raymond Brown Construction is changing its name and rebranding

On 1 September 2017, Raymond Brown Construction is changing its name and rebranding.

This is a simple change to our brand and identity. There will be no change to our services, capabilities, structure, or management team.

This change of name follows the demerger of the Raymond Brown Group and sale of Raymond Brown Minerals and Recycling last August. We considered this to be the ideal opportunity to create a new identity that better reflects our values and the modern company we are today.

Having launched the brand internally to our employees on Thursday 15 June, we are now embarking on an extensive communications exercise with our customers, supply chain and business partners about this important and exciting change to our business.

Why are we rebranding?
Our new name and brand identity reflects the company as we now stand, since the demerger of the Raymond Brown Group.

How have we got here?
Our new name focuses on our company’s heritage and values, and allows us to stand out in the marketplace – importantly, it is easy to say, spell and pronounce, and it has longevity.

How does it look?
The shield has associations with both knights and family crests, symbolising team strength and the characteristics of knights – strong, noble and reliable.

The olive green is inspired by the New Forest. Balanced with a dark grey, it creates a contemporary and distinctive look.

The name has been centred across the shield to reinforce the concept of unity.

The gradient adds depth and definition to the shield.

What’s in the name?
We’ve kept the name ‘Brown’, it links to our heritage, history and reputation.

We wanted to link back to our New Forest origins and discovered the Knightwood Oak – it is the largest and one of the oldest trees in the New Forest.

The word ‘knight’ struck a chord – it relates to how we want to be perceived by our customers and how we behave as employees. Knights were trusted and skilled and sworn to uphold values such as loyalty, courage and honour. These values resonate with us and how we work together and like to do business.

And that’s how Knights Brown emerged. A modern name to take us into the future with team spirit, professionalism and pride.