Right Works

Right Works is a code of practice that is our guide to running successful projects. Projects that make all of us and our customers, proud.

Our objective with Right Works is to drive continuous improvement across the business so that all our contracts are delivered to time, on budget, and fully in line with our customers’ expectations. Every member of the project team has an important role to play in achieving that and we want all our employees to recognise how important their personal contribution is to the success of our projects and our business.

Right Works is based on six elements that we consider to be essential to the successful administration of our contracts. Those six elements are:

Safety, Health and Well-being

We consider the safety, health and well-being of our employees, customers, supply chain and the general public as fundamentally important to the success of our business. We will provide a safe environment for everyone coming into contact with our operations so that our projects are delivered successfully and everyone returns home to their families and friends, unharmed by their day’s work.

Programme Management
The programme is integral to everything we do. We must have a clear understanding of how we are going to construct the project including critical path and required resources.

The programme is the tool that allows us to manage requirements and indicates clear direction on how to finish the project on time. A detailed programme with a fully analysed critical path allows us to assess the impact of any change and recover our entitlement for this change.

Quality Management
Producing a good quality, defect free end product not only enhances our reputation by meeting our customers’ needs but it also increases our profitability. It demonstrates to our customer and future customers that we can provide them with the product they desire and one that we and they can be proud of.

Environmental Management
It is important that we undertake our work to successfully meet the needs of our customers without compromising the environment for future generations. Through guidance and effective planning, we will achieve this on all our projects.

Value Management
It is essential that we fully understand the tender/contract price and what has been agreed to in undertaking the works. A copy of the agreed contractual scope of works will be made available to the site manager to review with the site team. Only when this is understood will we be able to identify and then recover any works planned to be undertaken that are in addition to the agreed contract scope. Once additional works are identified, it is important that we value them fairly and in line with the agreed form of contract.

Cost Management
It is crucial that we manage our expenditure effectively to stay within our cost allowances. This not only allow us to accurately project our forecast final margin but will identify areas on site for improvement and allow effective feedback to the pre-construction team on what has worked well and what hasn’t. Good cost management is proactive. Doing nothing until the cost information arrives is not. We must always consider cost before it is incurred.

2016 Right Works Award Winners
In April 2016 we held our inaugural Right Works Awards, which was attended by the nominated teams from all divisions and hosted by special guest, Sally Gunnell.

Sally joined us to help present the awards and gave a highly motivational after dinner speech.

Our divisional winners were:
Southern Division – The Pines Hotel Slope Stabilisation Scheme, Swanage
South East Division – Ordnance Yard Developments, Upnor
Wales Division – Cardiff City Bus Stop Relocation Works
Rail Division – Allington Lane Embankment

And our overall winner was Cardiff City Bus Stops Relocation Works.

This contract was highly challenging given that the seven work areas were situated within Cardiff city centre. The site team instigated a ‘Right Works’ spirit from the outset, through a skilfully navigated pre-contract negotiation phase setting the benchmark for the rest of the project.

The site team drove early engagement of key subcontractors to provide our customer, Cardiff City Council, with a clear traffic management plan and programme demonstrating that we could undertake the works without major disruption to local businesses, shoppers or traffic. As a result we were permitted to continue operations through the 2015 Six Nations match weekends despite the works being located next to the Millennium Stadium.

Particularly impressive was the way the site team planned the project and how they managed a host of design and scope changes that developed. Communication between the commercial and engineering team was especially impressive and produced high quality compensation event documentation that even our customer was impressed with.

Andrew Eilbeck, Divisional Director said: “This project is an excellent advert for the company and took a big step in raising our profile in south Wales. It also set high standards to the extent that Cardiff City Council now consider us contractor of choice for this type of high profile work. I am delighted the hard work of the site team has been recognised”.

Right Works Award Winners
Southern Division Winners
South East Division Winners
Rail Division Winners
Wales Division Winners
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